Berths & Moorings

Gippsland Ports manages approximately 1,000 berths and moorings across the five local ports. From time to time, sites become vacant and available to the public.
Opportunities for current vacancies are now available at: Port Albert; Mallacoota; Nicholson River; and Progress Jetty Paynesville.

Gippsland Ports maintains a waiting list that is allocated by reference to the oldest registration, providing the applicant has an appropriate sized vessel for the vacant site. This assessment considers length overall (LOA), beam and draught.

Berth and Swing Permit Applications

Interested parties can download the Berthing & Mooring “Terms and Conditions” and “Application Form” from the following links, and either deliver or mail the duly signed application with the required documentation to our head office.
Please ensure full documents are downloaded and printed prior to completing applications.

Parties interested in a Swing Mooring site will also be required to complete the “Swing Mooring Statutory Declaration” annually that provides advice to Gippsland Ports on the condition of the mooring tackle.

Cunninghame Quay Jetty Premium Valet Berths

Gippsland Ports has four Premium Valet Berths available for short-term occupancy on the Cunninghame Quay jetty. These premium berths have access to water and power, and have the protection of a security gate. The berths are 20m x 6m and vessels are required to fit entirely within the berth area.
Rates* for the berths per night (i.e. 12 noon – 11.30 am) are:
Peak: 1st December – Easter Monday $82.90/night
Remainder of year $41.50 /night

Cunninghame Quay information brochure

Access to power only outer face temporary berthing $24.90/night.

* Rates are correct at July 2023.

Gippsland Ports advises that Lonsdale Cruises manages these bookings on behalf of Gippsland Ports. Please direct all enquiries to Lonsdale Cruises on 0408 396876.

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