Mariners are urged to always exercise caution when planning a trip. In addition to ensuring attention to proper preparation and safety, mariners should seek out local navigation and warnings information before setting out. General and specific information on conditions and cautions for the ports and waterways under Gippsland Ports’ management can be accessed at the following links within this website.

Gippsland Ports issues Notices to Mariners (NTM) and Local Navigation Warnings (LNW) to inform mariners on navigational information considered important to safe navigation.

NTMs advise on matters that impact on published Chart information such as changes to the nature of navigation aids and buoyage systems, channel depth restrictions and other matters regarding safe navigation.

LNWs advise on matters such as changes to access due to works, events or zoning updates, adverse weather, flooding and flotsam, snags and debris.
View Notices for Gippsland Ports here

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