Mallacoota Inlet

About the Port

The Port of Mallacoota Inlet is located on the far eastern coast of Victoria, in East Gippsland, approximately 520 kms (6 hours travel time) by road from the Melbourne CBD. It is accessed by the Princes Highway through Orbost to Genoa, and then along the Genoa Road to Mallacoota.

The Port of Mallacoota is a small waterway adjacent to the small township of Mallacoota, with an entrance to Bass Strait. The entrance closes from time to time. Mallacoota is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers and anglers alike, and is also home to a significant abalone fleet.

In 2015 East Gippsland Shire completed the construction of new dual lane boat ramp and breakwater at Bastion Point and along with associated aids to navigation to provide a safer and more sheltered vessels launch area.

The Port of Mallacoota includes the waters of Mallacoota Inlet and stretches upstream to the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers, and is enclosed by the majestic Croajingalong National Park. The port waters also extend into Bass Strait to the tip of Bastion Point.


Navigational Information

VOZR (Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules) Schedule 109 Local Port of Mallacoota Inlet


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The entrance channel leading into the inlet changes in position and depth and its navigation is dangerous without local knowledge. Extreme caution should be exercised from Captains Point to the Entrance. This vicinity is extremely shallow even at high water, with large sand banks and weed areas. Vessel operators should proceed at a slow speed during daylight hours only and remain observant.

The Bastion Point boat ramp provides direct access to Bass Strait. Mariners should exercise due diligence in using this launching facility, and plan their departure and return to coincide with favourable conditions. Webcams are accessible from the Mallacoota Webcam page on this website.

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Boating Facilities


All in water Navigation Aids
Tide and compass piles
Mallacoota Wharf
Mallacoota Slipway and Jetty
Gipsy Point Jetty

All on land Navigation Aids
All swing mooring areas
Mallacoota Boat ramp Floating Jetty (not boat ramp)
Karbeethong Jetty (not boat ramp or boat ramp jetty)


East Gippsland Shire

Bastion Point Boat Ramp and Jetty
Karbeethong Boat Ramp and Floating Jetty
Camp Park Finger Moorings

Mallacoota Township Boat Ramp
Gipsy Point Boat Ramp and Jetty
Foreshore walkway

Parks Victoria

Please refer to the Parks Victoria park note brochure for information on Mallacoota Inlet.

Cemetery Bight Jetty
Kingfish Point Jetty
The Narrows Jetty
South West Arm Jetty
Goanna Bay Jetty

Allan Head Jetty
Captain Creek Jetty
Cape Horn Jetty
Genoa River Jetty
Gravelly Point Jetty

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