Report an Incident

Marine Incident

Under the Marine Safety Act, reportable marine incidents include:

  • the loss or presumed loss of a vessel; a collision with another vessel or object; grounding, sinking or flooding;
  • a capsized vessel; fire; a structural failure or loss of stability of a vessel;
  • a close quarters; a person overboard; vessel becoming disabled and requiring assistance;
  • the fouling or damaging of any pipeline, submarine cable, lighthouse, lightship, beacon, buoy or marine mark.

The Marine incident record form and instructions for reporting can be downloaded from Transport Safety Victoria .

Gippsland Ports’ Harbour Master has also issued a direction that a copy of this form also be faxed to: 03 5150 0501 or forwarded to

Marine Pollution

To report marine pollution phone Gippsland Ports on (03) 5150 0500.

If you witness pollution being discharged into the water from any vessel, facility or land-based source; or if you notice oil or chemical pollution in state waters; you should report this to Gippsland Ports by calling the number above if outside normal working hours, or to the closest office to the event witnessed.

Wherever possible you should provide the following information with your report and any photographs you have of the incident:

  • your name and contact details
  • where and when the pollution occurred
  • the type of discharge or a description of the pollutant
  • the extent or size of the area where the pollution is visible
  • the source of pollution including vessel registration numbers if known.


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