Tide Predictions

Tide predictions for Lakes Entrance and Port Welshpool (and other locations) are published on the Bureau of Meteorology Website. Tide predictions are also accessible via the VRCA Victoria Tide Tables booklet available at this link.

Vessel operators are advised to carry a copy of the tide tables and to seek local knowledge if unsure of the tidal flow.

The following table shows average differences in time of high and low water for other locations relative to Lakes Entrance and Port Welshpool and also show the average rise of tide above datum prepared from available information.

Disclaimer:  This product is based on Bureau of Meteorology information that has subsequently been modified. The Bureau does not necessarily support or endorse, or have any connection with, the product. In respect of that part of the information which is sourced from the Bureau, and to the maximum extent permitted by law. The Bureau makes no representation and gives no warranty of any kind whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise in respect to the availability, accuracy, currency, completeness, quality or reliability of the information or that the information will be fit for any particular purpose or will not infringe any third party Intellectual Property rights; and the Bureau’s liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from use of, or reliance on, the information is entirely excluded.

Name of Place Time Difference Rise of Tide
(Earlier) / Later Spring Neaps
Hours  Mins Metres Metres
Gabo Island (0   43) 1.1 0.1
Eden (NSW) (0  34) 1.8 0.2
Point Hicks (0  27) 1.3 0.3
Lakes Entrance (Outer) (0  00) 1.1 0.7

Predictions datum used is 11.367m below Colquhoun PM201 and 0.757m below Australian Height Datum (AHD).

Time variations have been obtained from the Australian National Tide Variations for Eden. Additional variations for East Gippsland and the Lakes will be sought and published in the future.

Name of Place Time Difference Rise of Tide
(Earlier) /Later Spring Neaps
Hours  Mins Metres Metres
Port Welshpool (Rabbit Island) (1   20) 2.4 2.1
Franklin Spit Light (0  40) 2.4 1.9
Fishermans Wharf (Franklin River) (0  36) 2.7 2
Bennison Channel (0  30) 2.4 2
Port Albert Front Lead (0  30) 2.1 1.6
No. 3 Franklin Channel Light (0  20) 2.5 2
No. 2 Lewis Channel Light (0  20) 2.4 1.9
Port Albert Pier (0  00) 2.1 1.6
Port Welshpool Pier (0  00) 2.6 1.7

Datum used is chart datum which is 3.511m below a Permanent Mark (Welshpool PM 47) and is I.509m below Australian Height Datum (AHD).

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