Bathymetric Surveys

Gippsland Ports undertakes bathymetric surveys on waterways under management to provide navigational information to both internal users and for publication to the public.

Surveys are undertaken by Gippsland Ports’ highly skilled Hydrographic Services unit, with the survey charts published to our website for general reference information.
Gippsland Ports requests users who access the information to acknowledge the source where required.
Note that the details for the location and arrangements of navigation markers may have altered for some charts since publication.
For the most up to date navigation information, Gippsland Ports recommends that these charts be viewed along with ‘Waterways Online’  and the ‘Notices to Mariners and Warnings‘.

The various surveys are listed in the table below.

  • All
  • Andersons Inlet
  • Corner Inlet & Port Albert
  • Gippland Lakes
  • Lakes Tyers
  • Mallacoota
  • Shallow Inlet
Surveyed Area: Mitchell River - The Cut
Surveyed Area: 1: Vicinity of the Bar and Entrance Channel; 2: Vicinity of the Inner Entrance
Surveyed Area: Bennison Spit - 7 May 2021
Surveyed Area: CI6420 Barry Beach Channel 2021
Surveyed Area: CI6403 Port Albert Entrance Fairway Buoy to no 1 on 24 February 2021 (rev B)
Surveyed Area: Lake Victoria: Ocean Grange Aurora and Steamer Channels - January 2021
Surveyed Area: Loch Sport Mooring Jetty Approach at December 2020
Surveyed Area: Loch Sport Marina Jetty Approach at December 2020
Surveyed Area: Andersons Inlet entrance at April 2021
Surveyed Area: AI Anderson Inlet Vicinity of the Entrance and Inner Channel November 2020
Surveyed Area: GL6384 – Vicinity of Seagull Drive Boat Ramp at December 2020
Surveyed Area: Mitchell River Approach
Surveyed Area: Tambo River
Surveyed Area: GL6482 MGA2020 Lakes Entrance Reeve Channel - Vicinity of Nyerimilang September 2021 Tidal Gradient LAT
Surveyed Area: North Arm Channel as at 18 August 2020 - 2 sheet set
Surveyed Area: Mallacoota: 2 sheet set. Captain Stevenson's Point to No 4 & No 4 to John Bull Light at 4 December 2020
Surveyed Area: Toora Channel Survey Vicinity of the Boat Ramp as at the 16th of September 2020
Surveyed Area: Port Albert Inner Entrance at 8 July 2020 revised September 2020
Surveyed Area: Albert River (old Port Channel)
Surveyed Area: Midge Channel
Surveyed Area: CI6332 Snake Channel
Surveyed Area: Corner Inlet Middle Ground - July 2020
Surveyed Area: Port Albert Harbour
Surveyed Area: McLoughlins Channel 2020
Surveyed Area: Avon river
Surveyed Area: Perry River
Surveyed Area: Port Albert to McLoughlin’s Beach
Surveyed Area: GL5903 Lakes King West - Eagle Bay to Raymond Island 2015
Surveyed Area: CI6418 Lewis Channel - Shipping Pier to Port Welshpool Harbour April 2021
Surveyed Area: Hopetoun Channel - Lakes Entrance
Surveyed Area: CI6432 Corner Inlet Entrance - between No 1 and No 5 buoys taken May 2021
Surveyed Area: GL6381 Nicholson River approach at December 2020
Surveyed Area: Lakes Entrance - Cunninghame Arm
Surveyed Area: GL6107 Marlay Point
Surveyed Area: McLennan Strait Western Approach March 2018
Surveyed Area: LT6036 - Lake Tyers Entrance to Nowa Nowa
Surveyed Area: SI6015 Shallow Inlet Jan 2017
Surveyed Area: GL5902 Lake Victoria: Bunga Arm Channel 2015
Surveyed Area: CI5899 Port Franklin River Channel 2015
Surveyed Area: CI5843 Bennison Creek October 2014
Surveyed Area: GL5898 Lake Tyers Boat Ramp 2015
Surveyed Area: Lake Tyers Vicinity 2015
Surveyed Area: Mitchell River: Vicinity Eagle Point Boat Ramp 2015
Surveyed Area: CI5836 Stockyard Creek 2014
Surveyed Area: GL5782 Lake King: Shaving Point East to Tambo Bluff 2013
Surveyed Area: CI5750 Port Albert Channel
Surveyed Area: CI5744 Toora Channel West Bank
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