Port Welshpool Tides

Tide measuring equipment is installed to provide near-real time tide data. The tide gauge at Port Welshpool is located on the Port Welshpool Marginal Wharf. Waves and Weather information is not currently installed at Port Welshpool. It is recommended that mariners use this information in conjunction with the Victorian Tide Tables.


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Current Tides

Tides - Port Welshpool
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  • This data are automatically generated and are not quality controlled.
  • All times and dates are in Victorian local time.
  • Each ‘observation’ (or record) is obtained by sampling the water levels and currents 10 minutes.
  • This page is automatically updated every 10 minutes from available data.

Measured Level The measured water level at the sensor (metres) above Chart Datum.
Predicted Level The predicted tidal water level at the sensor (metres) above Chart Datum.
Level Residual The measured level minus the predicted tidal level (metres). This value is positive when the measured level is higher than the predicted level.

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