Permits & Authorities

Under the Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015 Gippsland Ports has authority to issue a Permit that authorises a person –

  • To berth, moor or anchor a vessel in a local port; or
  • To manage cargo in a local port; or
  • To engage in an activity, or access an area in a local port which would otherwise contravene the regulations or a set aside determination.

In addition to this authority, Gippsland Ports may apply on behalf of an applicant to the Safety Director for exemptions to Waterway Rules and the establishment of Exclusion Zones.

Permits are grouped in to the following categories: Commercial, Event, Fueling, Works and General. Initial applications can be submitted online.

Vessel Maintenance on Water Application

In accordance with legislative requirements including the OHS Act, Port Management Act, Environment Protection Act, Marine Safety Act; maintenance or other work listed below is not permitted in Gippsland Ports managed waters until authorised in writing by Gippsland Ports. Where authorisation is given, all terms and conditions must be strictly complied with.

Vessel owners, agents or masters seek approval form Gippsland Ports before commencing works for any of the works listed below:

  • Hotwork; including but not limited to electric welding, gas welding, abrasive cutting and grinding, gas cutting and any other activity that generates sparks and heat
  • Abrasive blasting (must be at GP authorised site)
  • Spray painting (must be at GP authorised site)
  • Activities involving emissions or pollution or deposition of waste to land, air or water – examples include but are not limited to pumping bilges, grinding/sanding of external surfaces of vessel, painting, chemical washing of vessel
  • Work with cranes and mobile plant – includes forklifts, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, etc
  • Underwater diving work

Application for Waterway Activity Permit

To apply for a waterway activity permit, please complete the following details. This will allow us to commence the process to consider and assess the application. The Marine Operations Department will contact you via your details provided.

To allow us to respond to your request promptly, please provide all required information. All fields marked * are mandatory. Please provide details of the type of activity in the comments box.

Permit applications are assessed particularly in light of safety and environmental impact considerations. All permits require as a minimum proof of public liability insurance cover to $10,000,000 / $20,000,000 depending on activity, a map of the proposed activity area and a safety plan.


Commercial permits are required to conduct commercial activities such as charter boat operation, adventure or a restaurant enterprise.


Event permits are required for individuals or groups to hold an event such as a fireworks display or boat race. The application for consent to hold an event must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the proposed event.


A Fuelling permit is required by any person or organisation fuelling machinery outside the designated fuelling facilities (i.e. over-the-wharf or on-water refuelling). Fuelling activities include “fuelling of any vessel, vehicle, motor or machinery by hose with any type of fuel, liquid or substance; the storage of fuel; or the operation of any fixed fuelling installation; including where a hose extends over water or there is a potential for pollution of water to occur.


Works Permits are required for erection, alteration or demolition of a wharf, building or other structure; major repairs, maintenance, installation, modification or other works to be carried out on a vessel, equipment or fixtures on a vessel berthed or moored in port waters or on port land.


A General Permit is required by people or organisations who wish to conduct activities not covered by the permit types above. Should you wish to conduct or arrange activities associated with Gippsland Ports’ infrastructure or waterways that are not classified in the permit types above, a general permit may be required. Please refer to Gippsland Ports Marine Officer on 5156 6352.

There are five types of permit that have differing standard conditions. To view the standard conditions for each type of permit, click the link below:

Apply for a permit

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