Boating Facilities

Gippsland Ports, along with other local agencies provides boating facilities to suit the interests and needs of commercial and recreational boaters.


Public berthing facilities are regulated under the Port Management (Local Ports) Regulations 2015. Gippsland Ports make it easy for mariners to understand time limits in place at all of our public berthing areas via signage and the Waterways Online mapping tool.Gippsland Ports’ Authorised Officers patrol public berthing areas on a regular basis and vessel operators are requested to observe the posted time limits of the “Colour Coded Berthing Zones” when using public facilities within the Ports/waterways.

While the information on this website does not include all of the facilities available at the various locations it provides general advice on the locations of boat ramps, wharves and jetties; the particulars of permit and itinerant berth availability and the location of on water refuelling and sewage disposal facilities managed by Gippsland Ports, Parks Victoria and local government.

Refer to links below for details of boating facilities in each waterway managed by Gippsland Ports.

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