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Media releases are issued from time to time, generally to advise of official statements or events that may also cover a wider area than Gippsland Ports management responsibilities. Local news items will generally be relevant to Gippsland Ports’ area of responsibility.

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Gippsland Ports advises the following: MITCHELL RIVER LOWER LANDING CLOSED DURING REBUILD Gippsland Ports will be progressing the rebuild of the Mitchell River Lower Landing at the end of the Silt Jetties at Eagle Point. This rebuild will be carried out from mid January for approximately 6 to 8 weeks and during this period the [...]


Mariners are advised that following an extensive public consultation and application process carried out by Gippsland Ports the Director Maritime Safety (as Delegate of the Director Transport Safety) has, under section 184 of the Marine Safety Act 2010, made a Vessel Operating and Zoning Rule (VOZR) published in the Victorian Government Gazette on Wednesday 22nd [...]

Have Your Say – Proposed VOZR changes at Ocean Grange, Paynesville

Gippsland Ports is undertaking a consultation process for a potential change to the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules (VOZR) for Steamer Channel, Grange Channel and Bunga Arm in the Gippsland Lakes. Over recent years, Gippsland Ports has received multiple feedback items regarding the impact of large boat wake in these locations. Large vessels transiting these [...]

Tarwin River Restricted Speed Zones

Mariners are advised that, in accordance with the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Victorian Waters (VOZR), speed restrictions apply to all vessels operating upstream of Mahers Landing to the Inverloch – Venus Bay Road Bridge. The Speed limit applicable to all vessels is detailed in Schedule 114.5(c) of the VOZR – reproduced below. A [...]

McLoughlins Beach Jetty Information Sheet

The McLoughlins Beach Jetty is owned by the Victorian Government and managed by Gippsland Ports. Last rebuilt in 1985, the jetty is now very close to the end of its useful life. Demolition and replacement of the jetty will be required in the near future. A new jetty on the same scale, and of similar [...]

Bancroft Bay VOZR – survey results and proposed changes

The information below and in the attachment advises on the results and outcomes of the recent survey review of Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Bancroft Bay. As you will see, there are varying viewpoints regarding the options presented, however a large majority of survey responses agree that there is a problem regarding excessive boat [...]

Bullock Island Channel Exclusion Zone

Marine Safety Act 2010 Section 211(1)(b) NOTICE CONTROLLING NAVIGATION IN THE VICINITY OF WORKS Gippsland Ports Committee of Management, as the declared waterway manager for the waters of the Local Port of Gippsland Lakes, makes the following notice under section 211(1)(b)(i) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) (the Act). For the purposes of the [...]

CCTV Installation at Public Jetties

Gippsland Ports has recently completed the first stage of CCTV surveillance camera installation at a number of public berthing facilities on the Gippsland Lakes. As the demand for itinerant public berthing continues to grow, Gippsland Ports Maritime Services is seeking to ensure that all boaters have fair and reasonable access to public wharves and jetty [...]

Bancroft Bay – Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules

 Gippsland Ports is undertaking a public consultation process for a potential change to the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules (VOZR) for Bancroft Bay at Metung. Over recent years, Gippsland Ports has received complaints regarding the impacts of boat wake in Bancroft Bay, causing damage to moored vessels and risks to the safety of vessel passengers. [...]

Maritime Safety Alert – Carbon Monoxide

In a recent incident, four Victorian boaters were hospitalised following exposure to carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a colourless, odourless gas that has approximately the same density as air and so flows freely through and into spaces. Because no appliance completely combusts its fuel, CO is produced whenever a material that contains carbon is burned. [...]

Watch Your Wake

Waterway users will be aware that our lakes are a fragile environment. Fish, wildlife habitat, shorelines and shoreline structures such as jetties and berthed vessels are vulnerable to damage from boat wake. Vessel operators are reminded of the need to respect the environment and other waterway users by reducing the wake generated by their vessel. [...]

Gippsland Ports Swing Moorings Locations

Gippsland Ports has installed a total of 29 public swing moorings that provide temporary mooring opportunities for the recreational boating public at popular destinations within the Gippsland Lakes.  The moorings have been placed at locations which provide attractive destinations for waterway users and offer shelter in a variety of weather conditions. In addition to providing [...]

 Official Opening of Port Welshpool Long Jetty

  South Gippsland Shire Council has invited the community to the official opening of the Port Welshpool Long Jetty on Friday 21 June at midday. A Welcome to Country Ceremony will be performed by the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation to begin the ceremony followed by speakers and a ribbon cutting. The Long Jetty [...]

Unauthorised Swing Moorings

Unauthorised Swing Moorings – Gippsland Lakes Gippsland Ports is concerned about the continued practice of using unauthorised/illegal swing moorings that have been installed at various locations around the Gippsland Lakes. A recent incident at Loch Sport where a person was injured after coming into contact with an abandoned swing mooring, highlights the danger of these [...]

2019 – 2022 Safety & Environment Management Plan (SEMP) for Consultation

The Gippsland Ports draft Safety & Environment Management Plan 2019-2022 (SEMP) for the five ports in Gippsland is open for public consultation. The SEMP is prepared under part 6A of the Port Management Act 1995 (Victoria) and provides strategic guidance to assist with managing activities in ports and waterways under Gippsland Ports management.  An integrated [...]

Transit Only Zone – Entrance to the Port of Gippsland Lakes

 The Gippsland Lakes is a very popular boating destination, attracting numerous commercial and recreational vessels. The confluence of the Entrance Channel, The Narrows, Reeve Channel, Hopetoun Channel and Cunningham Arm is a strategically important intersection of waterway channels and the busiest area for vessel traffic on the Gippsland Lakes. Several navigation hazards and risks were [...]

Gippsland Ports announces new CEO

Gippsland Ports has announced that Chris Waites has been appointed to the position of CEO to succeed present CEO, Nick Murray who will retire in September 2018 after ten years in the role. In making the announcement, Gippsland Ports Chair, Geoff Hocking said: “the Board is very pleased to have recruited a person of Chris’s [...]

Tassie Hay for NSW Farmers arrives at Port Welshpool

Approximately 360 large round bales of drought relief hay arrived at Port Welshpool early am Sunday following a voyage from Bridport in Tasmania on the Mathew Flinders III. The bulk fodder was unloaded by 3 telehandlers and stored at the GP depot prior to being loaded on to semi and B double trailers for transport [...]

Marine Pest Found at Port Welshpool

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as Japanese Kelp or Wakame, has been found at Port Welshpool. This is the first detection of the species outside of Port Phillip Bay and the Apollo Bay harbour. The introduction and spread of Undaria is often associated with human activity. It is likely that it was introduced to Port Welshpool [...]

Gippsland Ports App – for the best real time marine information in Gippsland

Gippsland Ports has recently developed a Gippsland Ports ‘App’ to offer mobile users direct access to great information from the Gippsland Ports website. With this App, users can check on local conditions before venturing out and can track their travels using the interactive maps for location specific information. Current Notice to Mariners, Local Navigation Warnings, [...]

Gippsland Lakes Habitat Project Wins State Award

Gippsland Lakes Habitat Project Wins State Award A unique bird habitat restoration project on the Gippsland Lakes has been recognised with a Victorian Coastal Award for excellence at the Victorian Coastal Council Awards. A collaboration between Gippsland Ports, Parks Victoria, DELWP, Birdlife East Gippsland, and the Nungurner Landcare Group, the project involved the restoration of [...]

Transit Only Zone – Entrance to the Port of Gippsland Lakes

Background The Gippsland Lakes is a very popular boating destination, attracting commercial and recreational power vessels, sailing vessels, PWC’s and paddle craft all taking part in numerous activities including towed watersports, commercial and recreational fishing and sightseeing to isolated locations only accessible by water. The ocean access entrance supports the maritime industry including offshore and [...]

Lakes Entrance Eastern Outfall – maintenance works

The eastern outfall that returns sand dredged from inner channels back to the sea is located approximately 800m to the east of the entrance. The outfall suffered partial structural failure some time ago due to sea and storm impacts. In the meantime Gippsland Ports has been working up all replacement components needed to complete the [...]

Dangers of Swimming from Wharves and Jetties

Dangers of swimming from Wharves and Jetties While many of us enjoy a nice swim on a warm day it pays to be vigilant while swimming. Gippsland Ports has recently received feedback concerning dangerous swimming activities from some public jetties, especially around boat ramps. At any wharf or jetty, there is always a possibility that [...]

Gippsland Lakes – Public Swing Mooring Destinations

Gippsland Ports has installed a total of 29 public swing moorings for use by recreational boaters at popular destinations within the Gippsland Lakes.  The moorings have been placed at locations which provide attractive destinations for waterway users, offer shelter in a variety of weather conditions, and allow an opportunity for ongoing monitoring of seagrass during [...]

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