Open Date: 23/01/2019
Expiry Date: 31/12/2019
Location: East Gippsland Various

In East Gippsland

Recently completed works include:

  • rebuild of the Sperm Whale Head Jetty approach near Paynesville
  • building the new Nyerimilang Jetty (the on land component will be completed pending works by Parks Victoria)
  • replacement of some sections of seawall and the installation of onshore seating at the Narrows on Bullock Island at Lakes Entrance
  • routine maintenance on wharves, jetties and navigation aids
  • upgrade to the wash down waste water treatment plant at Paynesville Boatyard.

Planned works for 2019 include:

  • demolition and partial rebuild of Green Light Jetty at Lakes Entrance
  • replacement of fenders on Bank Jetty and Post Office Jetty at Lakes Entrance
  • major maintenance on Bank Jetty at Lakes Entrance
  • major maintenance works on the inshore section of Metung Wharf
  • major maintenance on the Paynesville Boat Harbours
  • upgrade works for Mallacoota Inlet on Karbeethong Jetty, Slipway Jetty and the Boat Ramp Jetty (once the water level in the lake drops sufficiently)
  • further sheet pile upgrades on seawalls at Bullock Island
  • seawall replacement at Eastern Wharf in Lakes Entrance
  • additional hardstand paving for boatyards at Bullock Island and Paynesville.

Sperm Whale Head Jetty


Nyerimilang Jetty

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