Due to the level of public interest, Gippsland Ports have extended the consultation period for the proposed zoning amendment in Cunninghame Arm (details below).

A walk in information session will be held at the Gippsland Lakes Fishing club rooms from 9:00am to 12pm on Wednesday 10th January 2024.  Gippsland Ports staff members will be in attendance to answer questions, inform members of the public about the process and record feedback for inclusion in the submission to Safe Transport Victoria.

Gippsland Ports (GP) has identified potential safety risks with the ‘Special Purpose’ zone, commonly referred to as the ‘Water Ski Zone’ in Cunninghame Arm, Lakes Entrance.

The zone is situated in an area marked by yellow buoys and in the summer is a popular area for towed water sports. In recent years GP has received numerous public feedback items relating to speed, noise and wake issues created by high speed vessel use in the ‘Ski Zone’.

There has been an increase in the use of Cunninghame Arm by PWCs, paddle craft, vessels engaging in towed water sports and general recreational boating, particularly during the warmer months.

GP, in conjunction with Gippsland Water Police and Safe Transport Victoria, conducted a risk assessment on the current and historical use of the ‘Ski Zone’. This assessment considered the safety risk, the local economy, environmental implications, and social implications to examine the ongoing viability of the zone in its current form.  A key finding of this risk assessment is the fact that with the increased numbers of vessels utilising the ‘Ski Zone’, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to maintain a safe distance between vessels due to the restricted width of the zone.

Please see the attachment below for further details and information.

Please send your feedback to Gippsland Ports via email at feedback@gippslandports.vic.gov.au.

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