Marine Safety Act 2010

Section 211(1)(b)


Gippsland Ports Committee of Management, as the declared waterway manager for the waters of the Local Port of Gippsland Lakes, makes the following notice under section 211(1)(b)(i) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) (the Act).

For the purposes of the works activity proposed by Jarvis Norwood Constructions Pty Ltd to undertake Bullock Island Bridge replacement works, including building a temporary rock groyne across Bullock Island channel at Lakes Entrance, the navigation and movement of vessels is prohibited from the waters of the Local Port of Gippsland Lakes as detailed below in Table 1, excluding vessels involved in the works and Gippsland Ports vessels.

Table 1:


1 37° 52.954′ S 147° 58.237′ E End of wall at fishing club
2 37° 52.960′ S 147° 58.216′ E Bullock Is. Narrows No.3
3 37° 52.971′ S 147° 58.210′ E Bullock Is. Narrows 5 knot buoy (north)
4 37° 52.980′ S 147° 58.206′ E Bullock Is. Narrows No.4
5 37° 52.990′ S 147° 58.209′ E Shoreline near fuel jetty
6 37° 52.995′ S 147° 58.381′ E Shoreline near #1 Esplanade
7 37° 53.002′ S 147° 58.380′ E Bullock Is. Narrows No.1
8 37° 53.007′ S 147° 58.372′ E Bullock Is. Narrows 5 knot buoy (south)
9 37° 53.014′ S 147° 58.365′ E Bullock Is. Narrows No.2
10 37° 53.019′ S 147° 58.358′ E Shoreline near Gippsland Ports Depot

The exclusion zone will be marked by lit yellow special mark buoys and red ‘No Boating’ signs.

Times and dates are subject to change. Changes to times, durations or days will be advertised on Gippsland Ports website and Notice to Mariners.

This notice has effect from 7:30am on 1 August 2021 to 6:00pm on 28 February 2022.

Signed: David Ashworth

As delegate of the Gippsland Ports Committee of Management

Date: 29/7/21

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