The BBC Everest, chartered by ExxonMobil (Esso Australia), recently completed a significant mission to deliver vital infrastructure cargo for the Kipper Compressor Project on the Tuna Platform in Bass Strait. Departing from Thailand, the vessel cleared biosecurity and border procedures in Henderson, Western Australia, before navigating to Corner Inlet, where it arrived on February 3rd, 2024. Over four days, the vessel discharged several heavy lift platform modules, specialized equipment, and around 30 containers. The return voyage commenced on February 7th.

Barry Beach Marine Terminal (BBMT), a central operations base for the Gippsland Basin Offshore Oil and Gas Industry since 1966, managed the port operations. The facility, owned by Esso Australia and managed by Qube Energy, facilitated the safe arrival and departure of the BBC Everest through a meticulous risk assessment process due to the terminal’s restricted dimensions.

Foreign-flagged vessels like the BBC Everest require pilotage services for navigation into BBMT. AMS Group, a registered pilotage service provider, collaborated with Gippsland Ports to renew pilot licenses and provide necessary training for safe navigation.

Engage Marine provided towage services using the Tug Engage Renegade, ensuring smooth berthing and departure procedures. ExxonMobil (Esso Australia) oversaw the Kipper Compressor project, emphasizing safety and efficiency throughout.

Gippsland Ports played a crucial role in managing port operations at Corner Inlet. Gippsland Ports, via their Harbour Master Bevis Hayward, ensured the safe operation, navigation, and maritime security of vessels in the port. Moreover, Gippsland Ports approved the arrival and departure of all shipping, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and regulations.

The successful handling of the BBC Everest underscores BBMT’s capability to accommodate special project ships, with future interest anticipated. Plans for terminal upgrades will further enhance the port’s capacity to handle larger vessels.

Moreover, recent advancements in offshore support vessels (OSVs), equipped with dynamic positioning systems and superior maneuverability technology, have increased BBMT’s operational scope. These developments pave the way for future projects, including the decommissioning of oil and gas production platforms from the Esso Field Bass Strait.

As BBMT continues to evolve, stringent environmental assessments and logistical planning remain paramount, ensuring safe and efficient operations for years to come.

You can read the full article via the Daily Cargo News online article.

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