Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert

Bennison Creek Channel – Navigation Aid Alterations

DATE: 22 September 2016

DETAILS: Mariners are advised that Navigation Aid alteration works in the Bennison Creek Channel have been completed.

Mariners are advised that No.1 Pile Stockyard Creek Channel formally a starboard hand lateral mark has been withdrawn from service.

No.2 Pile Bennison Creek Channel, a port hand lateral mark, has been established at the confluence of Bennison and Stockyard creek channels as follows;

Lat.     38° 43.794’ S   Lon. 146° 15.530’ E                                        Datum WGS84

The former No.2 Pile Bennison Creek Channel, a port hand lateral mark has been renumbered No.4 Pile Bennison Creek Channel as follows;

Lat.     38° 43.163’ S  Lon. 146° 15.758’ E                                          Datum WGS84



PUBLICATIONS AFFECTED: NP14 Australia Pilot Vol 2, Vol K List of Lights.  Gippsland Ports Online Boating Guides, electronic version available at

FURTHER NOTICE: No further Notice will be issued.

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