Notice to Mariners

Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert

Location: offshore within the limits of the Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert

DATE:  14 September 2020

DETAILS:  Mariners are advised that Two (2) Offshore Acoustic Wave and Current measuring instruments (AWAC’s) to gather data for the proposed Star of the South wind project have been deployed offshore and within the limits of the Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert.

The two seabed mounted wave and current measuring instruments have been deployed on 9th September 2020 in approximately 5-6 metres of water at the following positions;

AWAC West – South East of Snake Island;

  • Lat.    38⁰ 47.265’ S
  • Lon. 146⁰ 35.331’ E                          Datum WGS84

AWAC East – East of Kate Kearney Entrance

  • Lat.    38⁰ 41.609’ S
  • Lon. 146⁰ 46.555’ E                          Datum WGS84

See Map below indicating the proposed positions of the equipment.

The AWAC’s will protrude approximately 0.8m from the seabed, are anchored and will be marked on the surface by a Lit Yellow Trinav surface buoy (Q(5)Y.20s) and 5 x 300mm poly forerunner floats. See attached AWAC mooring diagram and photos.

The two AWAC’s are expected to be on station for approximately 12 months, after which time they will be withdrawn from service.

A further notice will be issued when the AWAC’s have been retrieved.


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