Local Navigation Warning No.14 of 2022

Gippsland Lakes

Lake Victoria – Vicinity of Loch Sport

DATE: 21 December 2022


Mariners are advised that a second mud island has appeared in the waters of Lake Victoria, adjacent to the township of Loch Sport, approximately 700m Northwest of Seagull Drive Boat ramp at the location:
Lat. 38° 01.920’ South
Lon. 147° 35.268’ East Datum WGS84

An Isolated Danger Buoy (Fl(2).4s) has been established at the site.
The mud island is located in an area of shallow water to the south and outside the navigable fairway which is marked by the port hand lateral piles. See attached map.
The mud island is a naturally occurring phenomenon where the seafloor is pushed up to create a temporary island which will generally subside over time. It is the second such island which has appeared recently with the other island also appearing in shallow water, close to shore on the eastern side of Pelican Point. Gippsland Ports will monitor the area for any further islands which may emerge.
In the meantime, Mariners are reminded to navigate in the fairway, well to the north of the Port hand Lateral marks, particularly at night and to take particular care when navigating through Lake Victoria as it is unpredictable where or when any further islands could appear.
Please contact Gippsland Ports on (03) 51 500 500 to report navigation hazards.

PUBLICATIONS AFFECTED: Gippsland Ports Waterways Online website at https://www.gippslandports.vic.gov.au/boating/waterways-online/

FURTHER NOTICE: A further notice will be issued.


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