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Location: Thompson River Sale

DATE:  16 November 2021

DETAILS: Mariners are advised that a Large River Gum has fallen into the Thomson River approximately 1200m downstream of the confluence of the Sale Canal and the Thompson River. See attached map indicating the approximate position.

The tree is stretched across two thirds of the river width from the Western Riverbank. The Thompson River is currently in flood with a downstream flow at approximately 5 knots. Gippsland Ports strongly advises against the operation of vessels in flood affected waters or driving vehicles through flood water.

When the flood stream eases Gippsland Ports intends to take soundings to determine the true area of the tree and location of a navigable channel around it. Discussions regarding removal will take place when the true position of the tree is established.

In the meantime, Mariners are advised to take extra precaution when navigating near or around the tree until such time that the tree is removed or partially removed and marked.

Mariners are also reminded that debris caused by flood water including large trees and timbers may find its way downstream and affect the safe navigation of vessels within the Sale Canal or the Thompson and Latrobe River systems.

For information on weather and rising flood water levels go to; http://www.bom.gov.au/   Gippsland Ports recommends downloading the VicEmergency App.

Mariners should take extra precaution if it is necessary to operate vessels in rivers and creeks following rain events and be aware of the possible presence of new debris hazards.

Please contact Gippsland Ports on 0351 500 500 to report navigation hazards.

Vessel owners and operators should ensure that berthed or moored vessels are watertight, properly secured and regularly check mooring lines and swing mooring cables.   

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