Local Navigation Warning

Port of Gippsland Lakes

Location: The Narrows and Reeve Channel

DATE:  28 September 2021

DETAILS: Mariners are advised that dredging operations in The Narrows and Reeve Channel involving the “TSHD Tommy Norton” will be taking place over coming weeks when tides and environmental conditions allow. The dredging program in the area is estimated to be completed by the end of November.

The areas to be dredged include the Narrows upstream from Cunnighame Arm and Reeve Channel between light buoy No.1A (Fl.G.3s) and Beacon No.3 (Q.G.)

To facilitate safe access to the dredging parameters in the area of the turn from The Narrows into Reeve Channel temporary changes have been made to the position of the following Aids to Navigation.

Port Lateral Mark Buoy No.6 (Fl.R.3s), new temporary position;

  • Lat.     37° 52.848’ S
  • Lon.  147° 57.596’ E

Port Lateral Mark Buoy No.6A (Fl.R.3s), new temporary position;

  • Lat.     37° 52.877’ S
  • Lon.  147° 57.414’ E

Starboard Lateral Mark Buoy No.1A (Fl.G.3s), new temporary position;

  • Lat.     37° 52.794’ S
  • Lon.  147° 57.470’ E

Mariners are advised to observe the Port Rules concerning the passing or overtaking of the “Tommy Norton” in the confined and restricted areas of the inner channels during the dredging program. Vessels may only pass or overtake the “Tommy Norton” following clear instruction to do so from the Dredge Master. “Tommy Norton” maintains a listening watch on VHF Ch16 for vessel to vessel communications.

Mariners are invited to contact the Harbour Master on 0427 610 025 should they wish to discuss Port Operations. Mariners are also invited to search the Gippsland Ports website at;


A further notice will be issued when the dredging program is completed and temporary Aids to Navigation are reinstated in normal positions

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