Port of Andersons Inlet

Andersons Inlet – Fairway Buoy and Beacon explained

DATE:  19 December 2016

DETAILS:  Gippsland Ports provides the following information as a local navigation warning to allay any confusion may exist about the navigational significance of the Anderson Inlet approach Fairway Buoy and the Anderson Inlet Landfall Light Beacon.

Anderson Inlet Fairway Buoy – The Fairway Buoy at the approach to Anderson Inlet is a SAFE WATER mark and by definition from the publication Aids to Navigation Manual Navguide;“Safe Water Marks serve to indicate that there is navigable water all around the mark. These include centerline marks and mid channel marks. Such a mark may also indicate channel entrance , port or estuary approach, or landfall”. The Anderson Inlet Fairway Buoy is a port or estuary approach mark, that lies approximately 400 metres to seaward of the outer bar at the entrance to Anderson Inlet and does not represent a channel entrance, centerline, landfall or mid channel location.

The Anderson Inlet Fairway Buoy is a stand-alone aid to navigation that serves as a reference point for vessels approaching the Anderson Inlet Bar and should not be used in conjunction with any other Aids to Navigation for crossing the Bar.

 Anderson Inlet Coastal Landfall Light Beacon – The Anderson Inlet Landfall Light Beacon (Occ. 3s) is located on land at Ayr Creek Inverloch as a reference point for offshore mariners.The Lanfall Light Beacon is also fitted with a diamond day shape to be conspicuous during daylight hours. The Anderson Inlet Landfall Light Beacon is a stand-alone aid to navigation to assist mariners to determine position from offshore and should not be used in conjunction with any other Navigation Aids for crossing the Bar.

Vessel operators are reminded that the ocean entrance to Anderson Inlet is dynamic and continuously changes in position and depth and can do so over a very short period of time. Passage through the entrance and bar should only be attempted by experienced persons with sound local knowledge and only at times of fair weather, smooth sea conditions at higher water with no influence of the ebb tide. There are no established aids to navigation to guide vessel operators through the Anderson Inlet entrance or across the bar and the best available water may be different from one day to the next.

PUBLICATIONS AFFECTED: Anderson Inlet Boating Guide (electronic version) available at www.gippslandports.vic.gov.au

FURTHER NOTICE: No further Notice shall be issued.

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