Port of Anderson Inlet

Tarwin River Vicinity Nolans Bluff

DATE: 11 April 2017


Mariners are advised of changes to Aids to Navigation buoyage in the vicinity of Tarwin River entrance and Nolans Bluff.

Unlit port hand lateral mark Buoys No.46,48, 50, 52, 54, and have been relocated in sequence as follows;

Positions No.46     Lat. 38o 40.923’ S.    Long. 145o 49.780’ E.

No.48     Lat. 38o 40.993’ S.    Long. 145o 50.027’ E.

No.50     Lat. 38o 41.375’ S.    Long. 145o 50.278’ E.

No.52     Lat. 38o 41.431’ S.    Long. 145o 50.236’ E.

No.54     Lat. 38o 41.542’ S.    Long. 145o 50.406’ E.          (Datum – WGS84)

A new unlit port hand lateral mark Buoy No 56 has been established in position;

Lat. 38o 41.646’ S.    Long. 145o 50.472’ E.                           (Datum – WGS84)

Starboard hand lateral mark buoy, No.27 formally in position;

Lat. 38o 41.316’ S.    Long. 145o 50.231’ E.                           (Datum – WGS84)  has been withdrawn from service.

Mariners are reminded of the dynamic nature of the seabed at this river mouth location and that the channel, although marked, may not carry water at certain stages of the tide cycle.

Mariners should not attempt to navigate this region without Local Knowledge and a thorough understanding of the tide cycles.


PUBLICATIONS AFFECTED: Anderson Inlet Boating Guide – Electronic Version available on the Gippsland Ports website at www.gippslandports.vic.gov.au

FURTHER NOTICE: This Notice is self cancelling. No further Notice shall be issued.

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