Local Navigation Number 8. of 2023

Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert

Approaches to Corner Inlet

Intention to Establish a Pilot Boarding Ground

DATE:  Friday 8th September 2023

PREVIOUS NOTICE:  No previous notice issued


Mariners, waterway users and Port Facility Operators are advised that Gippsland Ports through Maritime Safety Victoria intends to establish a Pilot Boarding Ground (PBG) near the approaches of the entrance to Corner Inlet.

As part of the process to establish a PBG this Local Navigation Notice is promulgated to inform Mariners, waterway users and Port Facility Operators of the position and dimensions of the proposed PBG, of the intention to establish, and any navigation hazards that may be presented.

The proposed PBG will distinguish an area of water outside the Port Boundary of Corner Inlet to allow a position to be plotted on ECDIS ENC Cells and Paper Charts for the safe embarkation and disembarkation of Marine Pilots, to and from visiting Ships that require Pilotage to enter and depart Corner Inlet.

The PBG will not be marked with aids to navigation other than a plotted position circle on nautical ENC Cells and Paper Charts. The area will not be a restricted zone or an exclusion zone and will remain open water for the navigation of all vessels.

The PBG is proposed to be established within a radius of 0.5 nautical miles with the center of the PBG 5.0 nautical miles distant from Corner Inlet No.1 South Cardinal Sea Buoy (VQ(6)+LFl.10s.5m.4M) on a bearing of 278°T from Lighthouse Point on Wilsons Promontory. The center of the proposed PBG will be in position;

Lat.    38° 52.033’ S

Lon. 146° 42.031’ E                 Datum WGS84

The attached chartlet Aus.181 describes the aspect and relative position to Corner Inlet Entrance, of the proposed PBG.

This Notice is an invitation for Mariners, waterway users and Port Facility Operators to provide feedback regarding the establishment of the PBG at the following email links:



Feedback will be received up until 30th September 2023.

Should you require any further information please contact Gippsland Ports Harbour Master on 0427 610 025

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