Local Navigation Notice

Port of Anderson Inlet

Location: Tarwin River  – upstream from Mahers Landing

DATE:  5 November 2021

DETAILS: Mariners are advised that, in accordance with the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Victorian Waters (VOZR), speed restrictions apply to all vessels operating upstream of Mahers Landing to the Inverloch – Venus Bay Road Bridge. The Speed limit applicable to all vessels is detailed in Schedule 114.5(c) of the VOZR – reproduced below.

A ten (10) knot speed limit applies to the waters of the Local Port of Anderson Inlet (including the waters of the Tarwin River) that are situated eastward of a line between a 10 knot sign (4) situated on the Mahers Landing Light Beacon, to the No.26 port hand navigation buoy (11) located in the Anderson Inlet Channel, to a 10 knot sign (12) situated on the southern foreshore opposite Doyles Road, (excluding those waters between a 5 knot sign (5) at the car park on the Venus Bay-Tarwin Lower Road known locally as “The Rocks” and a 5 knot sign (6) situated approximately 2.7 km upstream) on the bank of the river approximately 100 metres north of the Tarwin River Jetty, between the hours of one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise).

Mariners are advised that all vessels operating in the Tarwin River upstream of Mahers Landing are subject to a restricted speed limit of 10 knots maximum.

A 5 knot speed limit within the 10 knot speed limit area also exists at night for waters adjacent to the Tarwin Lower Boat Ramp as explained Schedule 114.5(c) above.

See the Gippsland Ports Map (image provided) for an overview of the 10 knot speed limit zones.

Further information can be obtained from the Gippsland Ports Harbour Master at bevish@gippslandports.vic.gov.au


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