Local navigation Notice No 4 of 2023

Gippsland Lakes

McMillian Straits

Raymond Island Ferry Maintenance

DATE:  27 April 2023


Mariners are advised that Kina Diving Pty Ltd will be carrying out dive surveys of the Raymond Island Ferry chains on Thursday 27th April 2023 between the hours of 09:00 and 12:00.

The Survey is being conducted underwater from Paynesville to Raymond Island along the route which the ferry usually operates. The ferry will not be operational for the duration of the survey.

The chains will be surveyed by commercial divers from the Raymond Island Ferry with support from an 8m dive vessel MV Hercules. The vessel will be displaying Code Flag A during dive deployment operations.

Mariners are requested to keep clear of the Dive Vessel MV Hercules during the hours indicated, to pass the sites at slow speed and not to approach within 100m of any vessel displaying the diver down flag. If in doubt, the vessel MV Hercules can be contacted on VHF Ch16.

For further information please call;

Kina Diving – Johno Rudge:0419 519 821 Or

Sandy Boswell – East Gippsland Shire: 0409 588 542


PUBLICATION AFFECTED: Gippsland Ports Waterways Online at Gippsland Ports – Waterways Online v2 (arcgis.com)

No Further Notice will be issued.


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