LNW NO.2(T) OF 2023

Gippsland Lakes

Sydenham Inlet

DATE:  12 April 2023


Recent rainfall over the Easter Period has resulted in increased water levels with possible flooding of community and infrastructure assets at the township of Bemm River.
Sydenham Inlet is currently closed to the sea. The East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (EGCMA) have been monitoring water levels within the inlet system. The level has been reached where an artificial opening will be attempted sometime over the next two days.
Parks Victoria in conjunction with EGCMA, will use explosives to create the opening.
These artificial opening events are normally temporary until the floodwaters recede.
A vessel Exclusion Zone will be in force from tomorrow 13th April 2023 for approximately two weeks to facilitate the safe opening of Sydenham Inlet. A series of red “No Boating” Buoys will be established across the line of the narrow opening to the inlet, approximately 2.5 kilometres upstream of the ocean opening. The position of the Exclusion Zone boundary is a line;
Lat. 37° 46.371’ South
Lon. 149° 00.040’ East
Lat. 37° 46.374’ South
Lon. 149° 00.153’ East Datum WGS84
See attached area map.

Mariners are advised to stay well clear of temporarily open entrances to avoid being carried away through the entrance by strong ebb flows.
Mariners are also advised against an attempt to navigate out into the ocean over natural sand bars that form outside temporary entrances.
Bar crossings are regarded as extremely dangerous and can cause serious personal injury or death when unfavorable environmental conditions exist.
Mariners are invited to contact the Harbour Master on 0427 610 025 should they wish to discuss port entry for any Ports under the Management of Gippsland Ports.

No Further Notice will be issued.


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