Local Navigation Warning

Port of Gippsland Lakes

Location: Paynesville

DATE:  10 May 2021

DETAILS: Mariners are advised that the Paynesville Canal Approach Beacon Replacement and realignment project has been completed. During the replacement program beacons #3 & #4 and beacons #5 & #6 have been withdrawn from service and replaced with two new beacon positions.

The Approach channel now consists of six (6) beacons in total and the new Paynesville Approach (PA) beacons are established in the following positions:

PA No.1 (Fl.G.2s)    (same position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 53.838’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.647’ E                         Datum WGS84

PA No.2 (Fl.R.2s)     (same position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 53.849’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.663’ E                         Datum WGS 84

PA No.3 (Fl(2).G.4s) (new position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 53.931’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.547’ E                         Datum WGS84

PA No.4 (Fl(2).R.4s) (new position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 53.940’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.562’ E                         Datum WGS84

PA No.5 (Fl(2).G.4s) (new position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 54.025’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.447’ E                         Datum WGS84

PA No.6 (Fl(2).R.4s) (new position)

  • Lat.    37⁰ 54.032’ S
  • Lon. 147⁰ 43.460’ E                         Datum WGS84

Further information can be obtained from the Gippsland Portr Harbour Master at bevish@gippslandports.vic.gov.au




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