Over the summer boating season, Gippsland Ports has been on the water patrolling and overseeing activities on the local waterways.  It is encouraging to see that the vast majority of boaters are operating their vessels safely, carrying appropriate safety gear and abiding by zoned speed limits.

As the demand for public berthing continues to grow, Gippsland Ports Maritime Services is seeking to ensure that all boaters continue to have fair and reasonable access to public wharves and jetty facilities throughout the Gippsland Lakes.

Following a review of the use of public facilities, Gippsland Ports will implement some minor changes to the management of these public jetties.  Boaters are now required, when the berthing time limit expires, to vacate the facility (not just the berth) for a minimum of 12hrs before returning.  This change has been implemented to prevent vessels monopolising the use of public facilities and to allow everyone ample opportunity to enjoy these popular locations.

In addition, the yellow zones, used for loading and unloading passengers, stores or equipment and that must always have a master on board, will now have a 15-minute time limit.  This is considered necessary to optimise use of these facilities, as well as ensuring that if emergency services are required to attend, that there is a berth available.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to use them, all public wharves and jetties have specific time limits applied.  Signage on all Gippsland Ports facilities will be updated accordingly to reflect the changes.

For information on  time limits, locations of public berthing facilities and any further information on permanent berthing arrangements, Swing Moorings, Aids to Navigation and local boating conditions please visit the Gippsland Ports Website page: https://www.gippslandports.vic.gov.au/boating/waterways-online/ and select the relevant waterway.

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