Gippsland Ports has installed a total of 29 public swing moorings for use by recreational boaters at popular destinations within the Gippsland Lakes.  The moorings have been placed at locations which provide attractive destinations for waterway users, offer shelter in a variety of weather conditions, and allow an opportunity for ongoing monitoring of seagrass during scheduled mooring inspections.

In addition to providing temporary mooring opportunities for the recreational boating public, Gippsland Ports newest swing moorings are environmentally friendly, being designed to minimise disturbance of the seafloor and particularly damage to any existing seagrass.

To ensure fair and equitable use, all public swing moorings have a 48 hours time limit.

Swing Mooring locations on Gippsland Lakes:

  • Duck Arm and Picnic Arm (12)
  • Montague Point (2)
  • Bunga Arm (4)
  • Harpers Bight (3)
  • North Arm (2)
  • Pelican Point (2)
  • Cunninghame Arm (1)
  •  Waddy Point (2)
  •  Blonde Bay (1)

For further information on navigating the Gippsland Lakes, details of locations and use of Public Swing Moorings, berths and moorings, boating conditions and other boating information please visit the Gippsland Ports Website page  and select the Gippsland Lakes option.

For exact locations and any further information on Swing Moorings, Aids to Navigation and local boating conditions please visit the Gippsland Ports Website page and select the Gippsland Lakes option.

Gippsland Lakes - Public Swing Mooring Destinations

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