Notice to Mariners

Port of Corner Inlet and Port Albert

Location: Port Welshpool

DATE:  03 November 2017

DETAILS:  Mariners are advised that Stage 2 and 3 of the de-construction and re-construction of the Port Welshpool Pier (Long Jetty) shall commence on or about 3rd November 2017. These stages of the project are expected to take approximately 9 months to complete.

During the project a (110mm diameter floating PVC boom) containment zone will be established running from near the shoreline on the eastern side of the pier around the length of the pier back to near the shoreline on the western side of the pier. The zone will be anchored every 100 metres and the outer section of the anchored containment zone will be lit by six (6) Special Mark lights with the flash characteristic Fl.Y3s.

A construction barge and a materials barge shall be operating within the containment zone and will be anchored within the zone at night in the shallow water on the north western side of the pier. Each barge will be lit at night with for (4) Special Mark lights (Fl.Y3s).

Works include the operation of two (2) workboats during daylight hours only.

The attached overhead map shows the positions of the infrastructure listed above.

Mariners are requested to stay clear of the containment zone and to pass the Pier construction site at slow speed to reduce wash.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Gippsland Ports Project Manager Ian Cameron on 0436 010 944.

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