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Port of Anderson Inlet

Anderson Inlet Bar Marine Incident – vessel missing

Mariners are advised that on Sunday 13th December a marine incident on the Anderson Inlet Bar resulted in the loss of a White 5.8m Haines recreational vessel. The vessel was last seen in a position approximately 800 metres to the East of the Anderson Inlet Fairway buoy. The position of the Fairway buoy is;

Lat.    38° 39.467’ S

Lon. 145° 43.483’ E                   Datum WGS84

The wreck may be affected by tidal currents and prevailing weather conditions and may move in geographical position and water depth.

Mariners are advised to take extra precaution when navigating within the area of the approaches to Anderson Inlet Bar. Mariners are requested to report any sightings of the wreck to Gippsland Ports Assistant Harbour Master, Alan Smith, on mobile phone 0428113324

Mariners are reminded that the ocean entrance to Andersons Inlet continuously changes in position and depth and the bar is regarded as extremely dangerous in poor weather and tide conditions. Passage through the entrance and bar should only be attempted by experienced persons with sound local knowledge and only at times of fair weather and smooth sea conditions. Passage through the entrance and bar also increases risk management levels and may affect personal safety. Operating vessels through the entrance and bar at times of heightened risk should be avoided.

Further information about Anderson Inlet can be found on the Gippsland Ports website at

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