Notice to Mariners

Port of Gippsland Lakes

Location: Lakes Entrance Bar

DATE:  12 July 2022

DETAILS:   Mariners are advised that following the recent (partial) bathymetric survey carried out today 12th July 2022 the leading “lights in line” have been aligned to Line 3 on a bearing of 358°(T) to the Flagstaff.

Least depths through the Line 3 transit are 4.2m LAT. Least depths on and around the “Green Light” are unavailable but considered to be less than 3.0m LAT.

“Tommy Norton” will be concentrating dredging operations between Line 2.5 and Line 4 to establish a sand trap and maintain depth on Line 3. Depending on future weather patterns and environmental conditions “Tommy Norton” will continue dredging to the East towards the “Green Light” line and the design channel.

Mariners are directed to stay clear of the “Tommy Norton” during dredging operations and to request approval to pass from the Master on VHF Ch16.

Please take note of the attached (partial) bathymetric survey which indicates the Leading Line 3 and depths (LAT) through that transit.

For the purpose of the bathymetry LAT (Lowest Astronomical Tide) is “zero tide”. True depths are calculated by adding the height of tide at Lakes Entrance for any given time.

Mariners are advised to take extra precaution when crossing the Bar at Lakes Entrance, noting that the best time to cross the bar is during daylight hours at slack water in the entrance channel and swells less than 1.5 metres.

Near real time wave, tide and weather conditions are available on the Gippsland Ports Website at:  Lakes Entrance Waves Tides and Weather – Gippsland Ports

Notice to Mariners No.238(T) of 2022 is referred and cancelled.

Notice to Mariners No.243(T) of 2022 is referred and cancelled

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