Notice To Mariners

Port of Mallacoota

Location: Bastion Point

DATE:  15 June 2022

DETAILS:   Mariners are advised that the Bastion Point Boat Ramp Number 2 Port Hand Lateral Mark Beacon (Fl.R.2s) in position;

  • 37° 34.251’ S
  • 149° 45.901’ E            Datum WGS84

is Unlit till further notice.

The Light will be reinstated to normal operation when environmental conditions allow vessel and personnel access.

Mariners are advised of the following standing information and the general warning about night navigation at this ocean access facility.

Notice to Mariners No.007 of 2001 remains in force for General Bar Crossing Navigation Advice.

Bastion Point Boat Ramp General Navigation Advice;

Mariners are advised that transits of the approach channel and entrance should only be carried out during fine weather conditions and if there is sufficient height of tide taking into consideration the vessels draft, the existing sea state, predicted weather conditions for the duration of the voyage and the expected conditions and tide height for the time of return.

Passage through the approach channel should only be attempted by experienced vessel operators who possess sound knowledge of the conditions to be expected during the transit of the channel taking into consideration the prevailing weather and sea state at the time.

Passengers and crew should be briefed so they are aware of the heightened risk that may prevail at the time of departure or arrival.


 Vessel Operators are reminded that this is an Ocean Access boat ramp and large swells may occur, even at times when the conditions are assessed as being good.

Night navigation is considered extremely dangerous and should not be attempted.


Further details can be obtained from Gippsland Ports Harbour Master on 0427 610 025.

Chart  Affected:  Chart Aus. 805 – ENC AU438149

A further notice shall be issued

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