LNW No. 3of 2024

The following navigation notice is published for general information.

Australia – Victoria

LNW No.3 of 2024

Port of Gippsland Lakes

Navigation Warning

Port of Sale – Sale Canal – Thompson River



Monday 17th June 2024



LNW No.1 of 2023 – Port of Gippsland Lakes – Thompson River – Tree Navigation Hazard, is referred.



Mariners are advised that Gippsland Ports (GP) has received reports of a fallen tree hazard, revealed following receding water levels in the waterway, slightly downstream of the confluence of the Sale Canal and Thompson River.

GP has carried out an inspection and confirmed that a large gum tree has fallen into the river with several submerged branches posing a hazard to vessels transiting the area. Marine Officers have trimmed some branches and placed an Isolated Danger buoy at the location.

The stretch of the river remains navigable, however extreme caution should be taken while passing the fallen tree. Mariners are advised to leave the isolated danger buoy to the west when passing. GP are currently developing a plan to remove the hazard.

The approximate location of the unlit Isolated Buoy (Red, Black, Red) is:

Latitude: 38° 07’ 38” S

Longitude: 147° 04’ 70” E

Datum WGS 84

Due to the uncertainty of tree hazards, their location, and proximity to the water surface within these waterway systems Gippsland Ports highly recommends that all vessel operators shall observe the Speed Restriction of 5 Knots that covers the whole length of the Sale Canal, Thompson and sections of the Latrobe Rivers at all times to mitigate risk of collision with unknown objects.

Night Navigation in these waterways is highly risky due to the uncertainty of vessel positions in regard to navigation hazards. Gippsland Ports recommends vessel operators should avoid night navigation unless required for emergency response.

Please report any sightings of navigation hazards within the river systems to Gippsland Ports by phone (03) 51 500 500 or by email – feedback@gippslandports.vic.gov.au



Gippsland Ports Website – Waterways Online mapping, available at

Gippsland Ports – Waterways Online v2 (arcgis.com)



A further notice will be issued when assessments and an action plan have been made.


David Ashworth

Assistant Harbour Master

Gippsland Ports

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